I have to say that I am so grateful to Raven Recovery for helping me in my time of need. I came home to find my loved one had committed suicide. I was horrified and could not think of cleaning up the room. My son called Raven Recovery and they were so kind and quiet about their work. They were so respectful of my needs and even helped me find some normalcy upon reentering my space. They completely understood what I was going through and were very professional as well as kind and loving in their work. They have tremendous personal strength within to have handled all of the disposal and very thorough in their cleaning. They even checked my dog for me to be sure he was clean from any biohazardous material. They understood the need for discreteness as I had many friends stopping by to express their condolences for my loss. They were also very quick about the cleaning. I cannot express enough my gratitude for their help with this difficult task. Mayra and Michael are great people and I would recommend them to anyone going through an experience like mine.


With Sincere Gratitude


G. T. James 

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